two Photographers and a love & life partnership

Christine Lang


Hello, I'm Christine. I am an international portrait photographer and photo journalist - the perfect combination for a wedding photographer.


I photograph national and international artists, celebrities and wedding couples and I love to uncover the true beauty of each person beyond pose and mask.


I promise, I see the inner and outer beauty - and I will capture it! During your wedding and whenever you look at your pictures later on I want you to feel like the most beautiful and happiest beings on earth.


My photographs are used privatly and as cover-, press- and promotion pictures all over the world.


Toghether with the love of my life, Richard, I will do everything to be the best photographer and the best friend you can have for your wedding.


Let me invite you to my complete portfolio under


Richard Dübell


Hello, My name is Richard. I have been working for many years as an international photographer and graphic artist. My works have been shown on exhibitions and have been printed in books.


I know that in every woman there is a lady - and in every man there is a gentleman. My wedding portraits uncover this lady and this gentleman. And they show your love, your happiness and your elegant beauty. 



Love and happiness are for eternity. Material things perish. Except for your wedding photos. They will be your companions for life. And they will always remind you of the day you showed your love to the world. 



My wife and one and only love Christine and I will be your friends on your great day. And we will capture your happiness for all eternity. 


Let me invite you to my complete portfolio under